Apartment Facilities

Cottageext_4835 CottageLiving_4588 CottageBed_4595The following equipment is provided:

  • refrigerator
  • stove
  • storage locker in a shared utility room
  • laundry equipment in a shared utility room
  • washer & dryer in each unit (Fawcett Cottage only)
  • dishwasher (Fawcett Cottage only)
  • microwave (Fawcett Cottage only)
  • washer and dryer (Fawcett Cottage only)
  • blinds/valances (Fawcett Cottage only)

Apartment tenants are responsible for:

  • telephone service
  • draperies (except Fawcett Cottage)
  • area rugs

The following services are provided at no additional charge:

  • hydro (except Fawcett Cottage)
  • heat (except Fawcett Cottage)
  • cable T.V. (except Fawcett Cottage)
  • grounds maintenance
  • general maintenance
  • snow removal
  • garbage

Apartment tenants are responsible for insuring the contents of their unit.