Admissions & Services

In order to qualify for an apartment, applicants must be sixty years of age and functionally independent.

Each applicant is required to have two sponsors who are younger than the applicant, reside at a separate place, and are not the applicant’s spouse.


Some of the services available include:

  • entertainment programs
  • church services
  • library
  • Hairdressing (fee for service) for men and women
  • meals in the main dining room, as space permits, fee for service, 9:00 am breakfast, 1:00 pm lunch and 6:00 pm dinner. The food service department should be notified at least one hour before the time of the meal. Payment for the meal should be made to the cashier in the dining room.
  • lounges/catering for special events i.e. birthdays, anniversaries. The fee for catering services may be obtained from the food service manager.

The following community services are available to apartment residents and can be arranged as required by contacting the service agency:

  • Meals to Seniors (Red Cross)
  • Homemakers (Red Cross)
  • Single Entry Point (Department of Social Development)
  • Extra Mural Service
  • Victorian Order of Nurses
  • Lifeline (Sackville Memorial Hospital)

Medical Services

Apartment tenants are responsible for making their own arrangements for physician services. In an emergency apartment tenants must call 911. Apartment tenants are responsible for obtaining and administering their own medication. “Lifeline” service is available in the community.