The nursing home is staffed according to standards set by the New Brunswick Department of Social Development. The staff consists of a qualified group of personnel in each of the following departments: nursing, food service, environmental services (laundry/ housekeeping/ maintenance) activation/rehabilitation and administration. Staff are identified with nametags.

Pastoral care services are available from clergy of all denominations, who provide visitation, sacraments, counselling services, and Sunday services.

Adult and youth volunteers are involved in many aspects of programming e.g. visitation, regular activities and special entertainments.

A local physician, retained as medical advisor by the Home, provides medical treatment to residents twice weekly. A resident who wishes to retain the services of their personal physician may do so, providing the physician is willing to comply with the terms of a contractual agreement with the nursing home. Emergency situations are dealt with by the “on call” physician at the Sackville Memorial Hospital. Referrals are made to the speciality services. Extra-Mural Program staff provides consultant occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech language services and supports the oxygen therapy program. The services of the Sackville, Moncton and Amherst hospitals are available to residents for hospital care, laboratory work and X-ray services.